Oh No, They've Escaped Again!


Whether it's tormenting the rally virgins...


Or taking over the bumper cars!


It's alright Love we'll get you back to your own club safely!


On the days they let us out we Go for It!

Does It Feel Like A Saturday Ladies?!!



We are a family.

A Bit About The Ladies

 Medusa MC are a Sanctioned, Full Back Patch, 1% MC Club for Women Riders. We have been running for 15 years and are based in and around Kent, England. However, we have members as far afield as South Wales.


 Our 'Show Us Your Ride' Event has always been a great success and have now started our 'Quiz night' for the horrible winter seasons when camping gets a bit fff-freezing.


Partying and riding together, and with our friends is what we do. We understand the problems with being a female biker, but our main rule is family comes first!


So if your a no nonsense Women, who loves to ride and can handle the Patch, drop us a line.

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"The Medusas are a female motorcycle club, who always give the friendliest of welcomes (even towards the end of the day they would not stop smiling)...

but once again the show was blessed with sunshine, and soon... was overflowing and bikes were parked all along the road and any vacant space was taken by two or three wheel transport...

I think... as full as it was nudging one bike would have created a huge domino effect of twisted metal. There are plans already afoot for a new venue"

                                            - Bosun Bikes

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Up Coming Events For 2021

Show Us Your Ride 31st July 2021

15th Anniversary Party 16th October 2021

(Keep an eye on our Events Page for more information)







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